Prophylaxis for youths & adults

Healthy and beautiful teeth

Healthy and beautiful teeth are the visual proof of a person's positive attitude towards life.

Thanks to modern medical research it is scientifically proven today that dental diseases can affect our whole organism negatively, e.g. cardiovascular diseases. Our body needs daily care and attention to be able to deal with permanent challenges to its health. Thus a consistent dental hygiene is extremely important from childhood on.

Our prophylaxis service

What is a professional dental cleaning?

Certainly you brush your teeth regularly - but not the whole plaque can be removed completely at home. The professional prophylaxis in the comfortable atmosphere in our practice provides for smooth, protected, shining and healthy teeth and well-cared gums - no chance for dangerous bacteria.

You should indulge your teeth in a professional dental cleaning at least twice a year. With this worthy investment in your health you can avoid greater damages and additionally save time and money in the long term. 

On request we include you in our recall service so that you cannot forget your next prophylaxis appointment.

"Classic" prophylaxis

The professional dental cleaning gently removes hard and soft plaque caused by coffee, tea or nicotine. Thus your teeth and bones can be sustained longer and your gums will deteriorate slowlier. The subsequent polishing smoothens the tooth surface, prevents from a fast regeneration of scale, strengthens the enamel with fluoride and makes your teeth sparkle freshly and cleanly. Teeth, inlays, coronas and bridges do live longer. 

"Implanti" prophylaxis

Implants - our new roots of the tooth - are a great and secure option for comfort during meals, conversations and daily life in society. We can clean implants thoroughly with special hand instruments and disinfect the surrounding gums. By applying this method, gums and bones are preserved naturally and your implants stay functional and aesthetic in the long term. Of course we also clean and smoothen your other teeth like in the "Classic" prophylaxis.

"Paro" prophylaxis

About 80 % of the population suffer from periodontitis. Periodontitis is a disease of the periodontium, i.e. the socket of a tooth - gums and bones. It is a disease that beginns quietly and unnoticed (since it is, in most cases, painless for a long time), often already at the age of 25 years, with a slight gum bleeding and then proceeds. A gum treatment and the successive "Paro" prophylaxis protect the important base of your teeth from further damage. Once a year we collect data for a status that shows the depth of your periodontal pockets in order to check and support your health.

"Extra" prophylaxis

Fluoride finishs strengthen the enamel and rebuild the natural protection wall of minerals round your teeth. Through their reparation features they help against hot-cold-responsiveness, they block the increase of bacteria and thus strengthen the resistance of the tooth. We can also seal edges of inlays, coronas and bridges - with this treatment they live longer and healthier. 

Pregnancy prophylaxis

During a pregnancy your complete tissue streches for your child. Even the gums become softer and therefore more prone to inflammations. We help you keep your gums healthy and at the same time reduce the caries risk for you and your baby.

Please ask for more information about our prophylaxis service.