Aesthetic dentistry

Home bleaching

You can easily carry out this very gentle, tooth-friendly bleaching method at home with an individually produced bleaching agent.

Before the home treatment we clean and polish your teeth within our prophylaxis. After the last bleaching session we fluoridate them intensively. Shiny bright teeth will smile at you.

In-office bleaching

This comfortable bleaching method allows a quicker bleaching result in one to three sessions. First we clean and polish your teeth within our prophylaxis and bleach them with a gel in our dental practice, preferably during the following appointment.

Bleaching of single teeth

This bleaching method is often used with teeth whose root canal has been treated. These teeth often darken and change their colour from inside. We insert a special bleaching gel into the interior tooth. Thus you can avoid coronas, particularly at the front teeth, and sustain the hard substance of the tooth.

Additionally, we can place a veneer (a thin, transparent ceramic layer). This veneer can protect tooth edges in danger of breaking.

Orthodontics for adults

To facilitate the oral hygiene on twisted or toppled front teeth, we offer you our orthodontics according to the therapy principle "Reguflex". This is a tailored splint therapy with transparent splints which you can wear inconspicuously and comfortably during the night.

Veneers - Smilineers

Veneers are thin ceramic layers which protect front teeth with inlays from further tooth damage. Veneers serve as a preservation of the tooth substance without having to prepare a corona. They are made of pure ceramics and adapt to the natural tooth colours due to their high degree of transparency. Wrong tooth positions can also be corrected with veneers.

Smilineers are an idea from America. They are extremely thin ceramic layers (0.3-0.5 mm) which are bonded to the enamel. Before that the tooth surface is roughened carefully and chemically pretreated in a gentle way so that the smilineer can be placed. This method is mainly used when the enamel shows cracks and unevennesses in order to smoothen it and thus protect the surface of the tooth in the long term.

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