Dr. Elena Worthington is the dentist that inserts implants in the dental practice in Grünwald near Munich. Dr. Elena Worthington is especially qualified through many further trainings in the area of implantology.

In 2007 she was granted the title "Master of Science in Oral Implantology".

Implants as "artificial roots of the tooth"

Implants are made of the metal titanium, which is highly biocompatible, i.e. well-tolerated by the body. The implants are inserted in the jaw bone and after a healing period of two to six months normal pressure can be put on the tooth.

Implants as "artificial roots of the tooth" improve the chewing quality compared to "conventional" prostheses and can also raise the inner well-being.

When do you need implants?

When do we insert implants?

  • Single teeth are missing
    If single teeth are missing, they can be replaced by implants.
    Until now one had to prepare the (sometimes completely healthy) neighbouring teeth in order to replace the missing tooth by a bridge. Through implants the neighbouring teeth do not need coronas, but the substitute tooth is fixed upon the implant. Thus the precious substance of the neighbouring teeth is protected and preserved.

  • Several teeth are missing

    If several teeth are missing, they can be replaced by single or collocated implants. It is then possible to place single coronas and bridges on top of the implants in order to replace the missing teeth. The chewing sensation will improve and the natural support for the teeth of the opposite jaw is guaranteed again.

  • Only a few or no teeth at all exist

    If there are only a few teeth left or even all teeth are missing, it is often difficult to fix a prosthesis.

    In this case implants are the perfect solution since they guarantee a permanent fixation.

    For this several implants are inserted into the jaw bones. These implants serve as anchor for fixing coronas, bridges or the prosthesis. A secure hold is guaranteed again. Implants therefore improve the well-being immensely. You can bite into a roll or an apple again without problems, you can chew a carrot or even eat a though piece of meat without any effort in company.