Prophylaxis for children

Healthy and beautiful teeth

Children can also reduce the caries risk for deciduous and grown-up teeth significantly by a regular prophylaxis.

Especially with a regular consumption of sweets, the little teeth need intensive care and attention. Consistent dental hygiene is the key to success - combined with regular prophylaxis and the right nutrition. Following these rules, tooth decay will not even appear in the first place.

Our service "prophylaxis for children"

We offer different prophylaxes for every year of age, beginning with two years. In a playful manner we explain to your children how to brush their teeth correctly. We also advise you on tooth-friendly nutrition, fluorides, toothpaste for children and the right toothbrush. We carefully polish the little teeth with pastes tasting of raspberry, strawberry, kiwi or chocolate in order to protect the deciduous teeth for a healty oral flora.

On request we also seal the teeth that grow from the age of six. It is scientifically proven that the caries risk can be reduced by 50 % through a thorough sealing of the pits on the chewing surface that are not yet coloured ("fissures").

Please ask us for further information about our prophylaxis services.