Modern dentistry in Grünwald for your dental health

Quality and professionalism stand for our services.

In our dental practice in Grünwald near Munich you will find several services in the area of modern dentistry.

We are specialized in several areas of dentistry in order to offer you the latest therapies at the highest stage.

Our services in the area of modern dentistry


  • Insertion of artificial roots of the tooth (made of titanium) as high-quality compensation for missing teeth and support for bridges and prostheses

Aesthetic dentistry

  • Optical corrections through veneers (thin layers of dental restorative material made of ceramics) and bleaching for a harmonic overall picture
  • Orthodontics for adults

Professional oral hygiene

  • Prophylaxis against caries and periodontitis, enamel hardening and regular aftercare via recall


  • Treatment of gum diseases (periodontitis) by means of modern methods

High-quality prostheses

  • Insertion of coronas and bridges made of biocompatible materials. Delicate constructions with a high stability and security factor

Inlay therapy

  • Gold and ceramic inlays, individually made for ideal aesthetics


  • Computer-based design and production of inlays, onlays and coronas made of high-quality ceramics
  • The therapy can be carried out in just one session by means of the production of the ceramic restauration with the CAD-CAM method, originally designed for the aerospace industry


  • Operative minimally invasive procedures for a natural gum generation, plastic-cosmetic corrections of the gum


  • Working with Chinese medicine as gentle alternative treatment

Amalgam restructuring

  • Gentle removal of amalgam inlays and biocompatible disposal

We decide on your ideal therapy together with you, considering your individual demands and requests.